Update: Healing Art Workshop!


I started painting 11 years ago, after the loss of 18-week-old prenatal twins, not knowing that art is one of the most effective ways to heal a crushed heart. Since then, I’ve walked through more struggles and losses — the deaths of both my Grosmommy and my brother, betrayals, mental illness, divorce, and conflicting life decisions.

None of us are a stranger to pain. The pain of some is more visible than others. Maybe the most difficult pain belongs to those who feel the most alone in their pain, walking through it silently. But we all have it. We all know pain.

Pain can feel like the end of the story. But it’s not.

Art has helped me find a way to turn pain into purpose. This doesn’t mean I believe terrible things happen for a reason, BUT, I have learned that we can take our pain and use it as a tool.

Pain isn’t the end of the story.

Teaching Art to Heal Others

Five years ago I slid into a chair at my spot at the table for my first art therapy session. That night shifted how I understood the process of healing through art. Something was awakened inside of me and I wanted more of it.

Four years ago, I took what I was learning from art therapy and taught my own art class to a group of 16 women in North Carolina. The feedback from those attendees confirmed what I felt in my heart that very first night — more people needed to experience the power and wonder of healing through art! I’ve been teaching a version of this class ever since then, to small and large groups, to both men and women.

Next weekend, I’ll be teaching my first ONLINE healing art workshop, at My Collective Conference. I’m not certified to be an art therapist (yet) so my approach to teaching this class is more ministry lead, sharing techniques that I have learned, combined with how God heals us through art.

This Healing Art Workshop will teach you how to heal through art, co-creating with the Artist of the universe! It will subtly teach you how to take your pain and turn it into a tool, to develop your purpose.