One Thing That Keeps You Hurting Inside Your Walls

We have this need to be in control. It gnaws at our senses for different reasons and at different times, but it always comes from a place of believing that we're lacking something.

It might come from a broken inner child that has never healed. It might come from feeling disappointed in God. It might come from feeling trapped. It might come from experiences of being overlooked or undervalued. Deep down, there’s a deeply held belief that there’s not enough for us. So... we can’t open too much, we can’t share, we can’t let go…

Being in control is a false sense of security. It keeps us stagnant, at best. It keeps people out. It doesn’t let people get to know us. Keeping people out doesn’t keep us from getting hurt. Nothing in life can protect us from getting hurt.

Being in control just keeps us hurting inside our walls.

Love is waiting for us. Love invites us to let it go.

Love is waiting to lead us to the truth that sets us free. Love is waiting to redeem our greatest doubts. Love is waiting to turn all of our pain into fertilizer for our purpose.

This perfect Love that cannot coexist with fear and control? Love's name is Jesus.


Photography by The Hanna Kate