I told her, "My price never goes down. It only goes up."

Photo by Shannel Barthlow

Photo by Shannel Barthlow

Earlier this year, I painted this artwork live at a small woman's conference. After the event, it was being auctioned off. However, it wasn't getting any bids at my minimum price point of $500.

The auctioneer looked at me and asked, "Do we go down on the price now?"

I heard myself saying back, "No, my price never goes down. It only goes up." My response was confident, not arrogant.

A couple years ago, I would have been dying internally in that situation. I would have taken the lowest bid. My self-esteem would have taken such a hit. I would have wondered what was wrong with myself or my work because it didn't get a higher price in that moment.

Not this time. This time, my identity wasn't wrapped up in my work and I also knew that I was enough.

This moment wasn't about money.

I understood in that moment that the person this artwork was meant for simply wasn't in that room. I understood that by standing up for the worth of my work that day in front of these women, I was standing up for the worth of every woman in that room.

I walked out of that venue, holding my artwork. Someone stopped me on the street and asked, "Did you paint that?" and "Is it for sale??"

When I told her yes, and I priced it at $1500, she said, "You could sell your work for a lot more than that."

See, what one person wants to bargain you down for, someone else wants to pay you top dollar for.

Several months later, this artwork went to its rightful owner and I KNEW that home was meant to have this work in it for a beautiful purpose.

The week before I moved to Nashville, I sold a large collection of my work for the price I was asking for it. No one asked me to lower my price.


Your value never goes down.

Loss doesn't bring it down. Divorce doesn't bring it down. Rejection doesn't bring it down. Your own mistakes don't bring it down.

Your value only goes up.

Remember that.